miercuri, 19 iunie 2013

Emoticoane Facebook 2013

Inca o versiune de Facebook, emoticoane Acum iti poti manifesta sentimentele pe Facebook. Iti poti anunta prietenii daca esti bucuros sau nu, daca citesti o carte sau vezi un film, daca asculti muzica, mananci sau bei.

Si toate acestea prin noile emoticoane sau zambareti de stare de pe Facebook. Bineinteles ca iti poti tagui prietenii in aceste statusuri, ca sa se bucure si ei de bucuria ta. Iar toti ceilalti vor vedea inca un set de imagini micute si relativ dragute pe reteaua de socializare. Astept cu nerabdare culori sau background-uri personalizate pentru fiecare pagina si eventual videouri care pornesc in start.

Make Money Online 2013
Faci Bani Pe Net 2013

Payoneer is one of the most famous payment method on internet. I think almost all knows it. Sometimes you may also using it for online payments. But today I am going to tell you how I have earned more than $1000 within a one and half month time period. Sometimes you may think I am a liar. But the regular visitors and regular readers of my blog know who I am. I never lied you before, and I won’t lie you in future too. So trust me and follow me to earn lot of money in this way. Well let me explain how I did it.
Please read this short post until it ends. First of all I want to stress you that it required a big effort to do this. But this will definitely work.
Payoneer has a affiliate program. The people who are signing through affiliate link will rewarded with $25 on their first $100 deposite. At the same time they pay $25 to the person to the person who refer his friend. Simple both the referrer  and the referee will earn $25 each. So this is a win-win  type of business.
Just take this sinario: We are signed in with Payoneer, we have a referral link. When one of our reader registered through our link, at his first $100 deposit he will earn $25 extra. That means he will get total of $125 on his first $100 deposit. At the same time we also will earn $25 on his first $100 deposit.
So if you can refer a lot of people who are willing to register with Payoneer, you can earn a lot. Since Payoneer is a very popular online payment method, most people are really willing to join with Payoneer. So it is not a very difficult task to refer about 20 people a month. But it takes a time and effort. I used Facebook and Twitter to promote my referral link to the others. Facebook is a really good method to do it. Since Facebook allow us to chat with each other, it is really easy to promote my referral link.  It also gave me a lot of income. Some people even thanks me for giving them $25 for Free through this method. By using these methods, within one and half month I earned more than $1000. I don’t know $1000 is a reasonable amount for you or not. It depends on you. If you are expecting more than $1000, my idea is still you can do it with Payoneer easily. But as I mentioned you need dedication and sustained motivation to do it.
So I think I have explained all of Payoneer affiliate. So this is the time for you to earn your first commission. So if you like, please use my link to join (register) with Payoneer below. Then you will earn  FREE $25 on your first deposit to payoneer. And I will earn $25 too. So If you think I have given you some useful piece of info, please use my payoneer affiliate link to join with Payoneer below. Click Here

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Sometimes you may know, sometimes you may not heard of PayoneerPayoneer is one of the giant in online transactions. This is a popular money transferring method among the internet marketers and online workers. If you are working online with a foreign company, you may have to withdraw your money to your bank account. But for some countries this is a real big issue. That is because some payment methods are not approved due to different reasons (specially Paypal). The solution is the Payoneer Master card. By using Payoneer Master card you can withdraw from any ATM machine all over the world which supports master cards.
Recently Payoneer started a offer for all the people who joined with our referral link. That is you will get$25 FREE with just signing up through our link. Can you believe this?

How do you claim your money?To claim your $25, you need to sign up with our link first. There after Payoneer will send you their master card. Then what you have to do is just load it with $100. Within 30 days of loading your payoneer master card with $100, your account will reflect $125.

Is Payoneer a Trusted Program?Yes, trust me Payoneer is 100% trusted service. The money I am earning through different affiliate programs are taking in to my payoneer card. I have already withdrawn money with Payoneer master card. So don’t worry, it is a  trusted service where you can put your hard earned money safely.

What are the loading methods which approve to claim this $25?Payoneer accepts All partner payments, US Payment Service payments, and private payments which count towards your $100 threshold. Card to card transfers do not count at this time.

So people who are suffering to withdraw money to their own country bank account can easily use Payoneer master card since it is a 100% trusted service. And join by clicking our referral link will give you additional FREE $25 to your account. So what are you waiting for? Click below and join with Payoneer and claim your bonus.